myInfoComm Foundation Services


Our research team can help analyze digital customers, including their likes, dislikes and preferences, by using focus groups, field surveys, online surveys and data analytics.

Our analysis enables your organization to make informed decision about content, user experience, functionality and content.


Content marketing can attract more traffic to your website, increase e-newsletter or other ongoing engagement and provide additional value to your customers for blogs, online newsletters and digital apps.

Our team of content developers and designers can help enrich the contents and appeal of your website, apps and other platforms.


“Innovate or evaporate “ is the way for any organization to outperform competitors, provide better service and improve the bottom line.

Our  innovation team scans the digital landscape to identify digital platforms, products and services useful and relevant to your organization. After determining your area of interest or need, we can help you acquire or partner with relevant innovators.

Another capability involves organizing 48-72-hour “hackathons” that can result in innovative solutions that boost competitiveness, service delivery and efficiency.


We help build digital communities that include face-to-face meetings. We can ensure the highest engagement performance by monitoring and analyzing online and offline interactions.

By organizing seminars, conferences, special events, campaigns, advocacy and digital award programs, we promote the sharing of information, experience and expertise that leads to best practice and ethical guidelines as well as bench-marking standards.