myInfoComm Foundation Services


We develop and promote digital index to assess the state of Digital DNA in private and public organisations within Malaysia’s Digital Economy Ecosystem.

Various Digital Indexes being developed and promoted are either home grown or adaptations of existing indexes that had been implemented elsewhere in other countries.


MICF compile databases and directories of national digital inventory containing information on domain experts comprising digital educators, highly talented or competitive digital entrepreneurs, chief digital officers, digital cyber lawyers, digital scientists, experts on artificial intelligence, big data, block chains, financial technology, crypto-currency, drones and robotics

Other databases containing information on digital training institutions, digital success stories and digital high achievers are maintained as part of our National Digital Inventory programme.

Digital Repositories containing collection of relevant white papers, conference papers, articles, theses and journals are also maintained under this programme.

Digital publication teams will produce books, online newsletters and curate articles that provide information and insights on the developments, happenings, events and trends in digital spheres.



We collaborate with national and global bodies to develop, adopt and implement various certification and award schemes.

Our certification and award schemes will include Certificates of Recognition of Skill Based Competencies, Recognition Scheme for Digital Savvy Organisations or Communities , Honoring Digital Leadership of Excellence and enlisting personalities as members of Malaysia’s Digital Hall of Fame.

Events to give away awards are organized by MICF in collaboration with key industry players.


MICF collaborates with Local and International Universities as an ongoing effort to discover, develop and deploy digital talents within the university marketplace comprising scholars and students.

Collaborative programme being organized include research, conferences, campaigns, celebrations, consultancy, exhibitions, competitions (hackathon/datathon), incubators, school and community outreach, work camps, publications, shared office-space for start-ups, fellowship and internship.

TALENTGLOBAL will be managed by MICF as a programme to assist top students in digital studies in Malaysian universities to be attached to various multinational companies across the globe;


Digital Innovation Network (DINE) is a programme comprising various components such as:

DINEASIA is an effort to establish collaboration with associations, chambers, councils and other non-profit platforms or bodies for purpose of promoting standards of best practices and sharing of information, experience, expertise, success stories, networks and organizational infrastructure

DINEVENTURE to engage leading industry players at the global market place and explore collaborative venture to introduce their technology and applications in Malaysia. Priority areas include digital lifestyle and commercial applications, big data and artificial intelligence business as well as block chain, crypto-currency, drone and robotic technology.

DINEPAIR is a service to identify start-ups in Malaysia and pair them with partners for regional and global expansion.

DINESEARCH is a service that we offer to local companies and government agencies that wish to source for leading or prominent global digital expert to provide services in Malaysia either as researcher, speaker, trainer, mentor, consultant or business partner.

DINEEXPAT is a value added service that we offer to expatriates who are doing digital business in Malaysia with the goal of enlarging their market share in Malaysia, Asia and other regions via joint venture with Malaysian players.