myInfoComm Foundation Services


The Centre would leverage on the ideas and wisdom of prominent personalities, scholars, motivators and authors who would be invited to a knowledge sharing events such as public lectures, conferences and book discourses.

Deliberations on the the thoughts of such leaders would help enrich the society with the new frontier of knowledge, strategic insights and futuristic perspectives based on facts, research and experience of the thought leaders.



MYINFO recognises the role of digital technology in elevating the economic status, quality of life, work productivity, educational and social well being of an information rich society through the use of the internet, social media platforms and digital applications.

The Centre will engage key players in the digital arena in Malaysia such as MDEC, MAMPU, MAGIC, ICT Training Providers, Trade, Commerce, Testing and Accreditation bodies and Professional Associations to strategise, synchronise and forge collaborative agenda in the form of policy input, training, accreditation, campaigns, events and special projects.

Digital change – makers and digital entrepreneurs that “make a difference” in the life of others in this era of digitally powered informative society would be identified, supported and rewarded via sponsorships, capital sourcing, awards and schemes of recognition.


The Centre focuses on sustaining the interest of an information rich society to continuously seek new knowledge and information and not be naive of happenings around them.

This would be done by hiring writers, editors, bloggers and columnists to actively produce books, movies, newspapers, articles, magazines, online newsletters and blogs that are rich in news and information that appeals to human interests.

The Centre would address barriers that hinder the work of creative writers such as difficulties to access source materials, interviews, surveys, printed and graphic materials and events that are useful as input for their books, movies, newspapers, magazines and blogs. Financial constraints would also be overcome by creating Book Gift CSR Funds.

An effort to nurture interest and build capacities for aspiring creative writers and producers would be made via training and coaching services by accredited trainers and educators. One major focus would be on courses related to citizen journalism.


The Centre would catalyse the growth of I-Society change makers at community levels in order to promote activities towards creating or advancing an Information Rich Society. Change makers could be in the form of individuals, groups or organisations that meet regularly, discuss issues and take action on issues related to developing and energising an information rich society towards higher levels of achievements in life.

The change makers could decide on their own regarding projects that they could undertake to help create an information rich society or elevate their level of achievements.

Existing change makers who have moved on their own would be identified and supported further while a scheme of awards and recognition would be launched to honour the contributions of I-Society change makers.

Several areas of focus have been identified and MYINFO welcomes those who come forward to work with us to pursue the I-Society change agenda. These areas include – Transformation of Libraries, I-Learning in Schools, Fostering Reading Habits, Digital Democracy and I-Neigbourhood or I-Parliament at the Parliamentary Constituencies.