Who We Are

We are a non-profit foundation based in Malaysia, activated in 2017 with a mission of “Building Digital Talents” to help shape the future of Malaysia’s Digital Economy.

We collaborate with like-minded organisations in Asia and other regions across the globe in order to share best practices, exchange resources, expertise, success stories and experience in all areas related to digital technology including but not limited to Digital Apps, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech and Healthtech.

We share the goals of Malaysia’s government to build a vibrant digital economy and ensure that Malaysia plays a leading part in the global digital revolution while attracting participation from global ICT companies to invest and develop cutting edge digital and creative solutions in the country.

We hope to complement major contributors towards shaping Malaysia’s the future of digital economy such as MCMC, MDEC, MAGIC, MAMPU, TERAJU, TALENTCORPS and SME Corp. Malaysia.

Our Mission

The mission of MICF is to operate as a research, resource and smart partnership organisation that provide access to information, financial capital providers,  digital experts and joint venture partners that will assist, strengthen or accelerate the process of building digital talents.

With these talented human capital, nations and corporations will optimally benefit from the latest advances that include Industry 4.0, robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data science, block chain, drones, digital applications, digital marketing and new digital business framework.

In the context of MICF initiatives, the process of building talents would involve mapping the digital DNA of an organisation to identify digital leadership and skill gaps; valuation of national digital assets in the form of inventories of data, people, experience and success stories that are possessed by people and organisations in the country; harvesting of digital talents in universities; discovery and deployments of best practice organisations that produce competent and innovative human capital in the digital arena through competitions, certifications, awards, training and mentoring; as well as creating clusters of digital innovation network of  experts, resource groups and joint venture partners that nurture, inspire and empower digital talents towards achieving their respective goals.