About Us

Malaysian Infocomm Foundation (MYINFO), is a non-profit foundation, operating as a social enterprise that was established in 2007. At the initial phase, MYINFO was active in bridging the digital divide affecting the marginalised Malaysian communities in the rural areas. The Foundation did this through awareness lectures, training and mentoring services.

Today, MYINFO has re-engineered its mission towards creating Information Rich Malaysia’s Society with access to tools, resources and avenues to practice the culture of continuous learning, leverage on the power of digital technology, embrace ideas and wisdom of thought leaders and appreciate the impacts of the works of creative writers and digital change-makers.

MYINFO’s mission is driven by the belief that an Information Rich Society tend to achieve higher socioeconomic status, are better educated, have better access to technology and are more technologically savvy than the information poor.

Being a social enterprise that aimed for operational viability, MYINFO promotes research, conferences, publications, training, consultancy and event management services that support MYINFO’s stated mission via fee-for-services, private-public partnership and co-branding approach.