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Governments also going omnichannel

In a journal article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review, "Competing in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing," authors Eric Brynjolfsson, Yu Jeffrey Hu and Mohammad S. Rahman, wrote that as the retailing industry evolves toward a seamless…

Customer Experience: Delighting Your Customers in the Digital Age

Last time, I have asked about how big data can save lives and this time, I’d like to touch the subject of customer data as your next best ally when it comes to moving your business forward.  The key to making this strategy succeed…

It Takes Data to Delight Your Customers

Digital transformation is what everybody wants, but there are many views on what constitutes a “digital transformation.” Is it online services? Is it a social enterprise? Is it legacy transformation? Is it an analytics-driven enterprise? The…

UserReplay Market America case study

Delighting customers is critical today—you can’t ignore it. If customers have a challenge with your experience, they’ll quickly leave for a competitor Michael Brady, CIO, Market America UserReplay_Market America case study

Citizen data sharing platform launched in Singapore

myInfo pulls citizens data from across agencies. By Medha Basu •5 May 2016 Singapore has built a platform to let citizens check and given consent on what data they are sharing with the government. myInfo pulls together their…

Delighting your customers through getting the basics right

Published on: August 22, 2014 Author: Anne-Merete Jensen There are lots of stories about companies that have delighted their customers. Take Sainsbury’s renaming its Tiger Bread based on feedback from a three year old girl that it looked…