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The skills needed for the fourth industrial revolution

IT has been widely reported that the fourth industrial revolution could lead to many jobs being replaced by robots or AI, however, in industries and sectors such as digital technology the opposite could be true, according to recruiting experts,…

4th Industrial revolution and the age of optimisation

INNOVATIVE technologies defining the Fourth Industrial Revolution hold the promise of a path to environmental sustainability. Their introduction is also transforming the world’s workplaces, with expectation of countless jobs being created…

What The World’s Central Banks Are Saying About Cryptocurrencies

HONG KONG: More than eight years since the birth of bitcoin, central banks around the world are increasingly recognising the potential upsides and downsides of digital currencies. The guardians of the global economy have two sets of issues…

M'sian And Dutch JV On Big Data Business

AMSTERDAM, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Malaysia Infocomm Foundation (MIF) and Xomnia B.V. of the Netherlands signed a framework cooperation agreement on Monday to set up a joint venture (JV) company in Malaysia specialising in the big data business. Big…

Nation – How the law is changing with big plans for Big Data

Singapore has set course towards building a Smart Nation that is driven by big data, and changes in the law and regulations are pertinent to that end. Singapore Smart Nation – How the law is changing with big plans for Big Data Singapore’s…

Governments also going omnichannel

In a journal article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review, "Competing in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing," authors Eric Brynjolfsson, Yu Jeffrey Hu and Mohammad S. Rahman, wrote that as the retailing industry evolves toward a seamless…

Customer Experience: Delighting Your Customers in the Digital Age

Last time, I have asked about how big data can save lives and this time, I’d like to touch the subject of customer data as your next best ally when it comes to moving your business forward.  The key to making this strategy succeed…

It Takes Data to Delight Your Customers

Digital transformation is what everybody wants, but there are many views on what constitutes a “digital transformation.” Is it online services? Is it a social enterprise? Is it legacy transformation? Is it an analytics-driven enterprise? The…

UserReplay Market America case study

Delighting customers is critical today—you can’t ignore it. If customers have a challenge with your experience, they’ll quickly leave for a competitor Michael Brady, CIO, Market America UserReplay_Market America case study